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Bette (they/any/all)
2b Care Team Lead


About a twenty minute drive from gc2b headquarters in Maryland is Bette’s childhood home. They pushed their niblings on swingsets just a neighborhood away, and drove past the little unmarked storefront with trans flags in the windows all the time –feeling grateful their little ones are growing up in a place and time where these flags fly.

It feels right that after a wandering journey, pursuing an abundance of passions, with many address changes, that they would find themselves at home, in every sense, at 2b.care in 2021.

Coming from a large, matriarchal family where food was always the primary source of love and connection – they spent much of their professional life in some form of food service. She worked in restaurants, led volunteers preparing and delivering meals to folks living with HIV/AIDS, coordinated with local farmers markets and community gardens, and worked as a personal Chef alongside her mom and sister.

Like food, binders are essential to our survival, our nourishment, our ability to love and thrive – and any human in need of one should have access to it.

Bette is grateful that at 2b.care she can once again collaborate with incredible humans and organizations meeting essential needs in their communities. Giving the life-affirming gift of binders allows Bet and so many others to walk authentically in their truth.

Outside of work, Bet likes to spend time with and tend to the earth, meditate, journal, write poetry, sing, dance, and do anything (and nothing) with their family, partner Lake, and cat Shrimp. Bet's pronouns are they/any/all and is happy to be referred to as Bet or Bette (pronounced Betty).