Please review the following information prior to filling out the intake request form (available under next steps).


Organization/Entity Responsibility

  • - Complete Intake form
  • - Establish and sustain point of contact
  • - Internal system for storage and organization of binders
    - Articulated plan for equitable binder distribution
    - Covering shipping of binders
    - Donation Letter provided to 2b within 14 days of receiving shipment each binder shipment
    - 6 month commitment

Organization Selection Process & Requirements

  • In order to screen and select organizations that match our donation partner criteria, we have created a rubric with different components, and identified different tiers within each component with a point system. Depending on the scoring process, your organization could be eligible for as many as 20 - 150+ binders per shipment. Please review the rubric to see your organizations eligibility.

Next steps

  • To begin the application process, please access and fill out the Google intake request form here. Allow 10 business days to hear from our team. If you do not hear from us in that time, please e-mail the donations program director at
  • For questions, concerns, or further clarification - please e-mail Carmen Player at