Abundance & sustainability are important practices at, we try to ensure there are more than enough binders for all who need them, spreading joy and affirmation to over 160 partners around the world. In doing so, we strive to be equitable with our donations and expand our reach in a sustainable way. Thank you for joining us in providing this life-affirming gift to our Queer, Trans, and gender expansive community.


*** is not currently accepting new partner applications. To be notified when the 2024 partner application opens, please fill out this form***


Program Eligibility

Our binder donation program is intended to lower the barriers of access to our product. If you or members of your community can access or afford to purchase binders, we encourage you to do so at to help sustain our work

Burgeoning organizations seeking to start a binder donation program are highly encouraged to apply: Grassroots-community based, student led high school or college clubs, LGBTQIA+ and cultural organizations, small non-profit organizations

Established Institutions serving our community are also encouraged: Hospitals, clinics, school districts, colleges or universities, and larger non-profit organizations

Recognizing the complex and multifarious experience, including oppression, suppression, and the impediments faced living at the intersectionality of identities, organizations led by BIPOC LGBTQIA people or that serve majority BIPOC LGBTQIA people will be given special consideration.



Burgeoning Organizations

Established Entities

Partnership Category

  • Grassroots community based, high school/college clubs, cultural organizations, nonprofit organizations
  • 9months - 2 years old
  • Staff of less than 3 full time staff
  • Hospitals, clinics, university medical departments, nonprofit organizations
  • 2+ years
  • Staff of more than 3 individuals
  • Has dedicated budget to binder donations or has fundraiser for purchasing binder donations

Donation Eligibility

Maximum of 200 donation binders in a calendar year

Maximum of 150 donation binders in a calendar year

Discount Offer

20% off all orders at

+ will match all purchases 1:1 for up to 50 donation binders per order

20% off all orders at


Organization/Entity Responsibility


  • Establish and sustain a point of contact
  • Internal system for storage and organization of binder
  • Articulated plan for equitable binder distribution
  • Participate & attend gc2b binder sizing & safety trainings annually
  • Ensure each individual receiving a gc2b binder is sized correctly and educated on safe binding practices
  • As a requirement to be a partner, we ask that our donation partners cover the cost of shipping, which can range from $12- 60 domestically or $50-300 internationally depending on the weight and distance traveled. Note: If this is a barrier for your organization, we encourage you to apply so that we can determine a plan together.
  • Donation Letter provided to at the end of each calendar year
  • 6 month commitment


Application process


  • Our application review process typically takes 6-8 weeks. After your application has been reviewed, we will invite you to a call to confirm your eligibility and submit your first donation binder order.
  • From your application to your first shipment, the onboarding process can take 10-12 weeks at the earliest and up to 18-20 weeks during busy seasons (Pride in June, Back to School in Aug/Sept, and Holidays in Nov/Dec.)
  • If you would like to purchase binders at in the meantime, you may qualify for a discount. Contact for more info


2023 Application Deadline: August 31, 2023

Our 2023 application cycle has ended and we are not accepting new partners at this time. To be notified when our new partner application opens in 2024, please fill out this form.

For any questions, clarifications, or curiosities throughout this process, please contact