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our commitment to positive change


Uplifting organizations and individuals committed to positive impact and community-centered initiatives is one of our core values at gc2b. Over the past 4 years alone, we've developed 6 capsule collections and raised over $135,000+ for partner organizations and artists.



Trans Women of Color Collective

In honor of Black History Month 2019, gc2b and the Trans Women of Color Collective (TWOCC) partnered to present: “In Full Bloom: Celebrating the Brilliance of Black Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Communities.”

All collaborators used their collective platforms to center, uplift, and affirm the voices and the work of Black Trans/GNC Communities. The capsule collection,“In Full Bloom”, highlighted flourishing individuals across all industries, who are currently working to empower the lives and narratives of Black Trans/GNC peoples.

Amount Raised

The collection raised: $4,794.33

Funds were donated to Trans Women of Color Collective and another Trans led collective.


Marsha P. Johnson Institute

Rebel Roots was our Pride-inspired capsule collection released in Summer 2019, intending to be inclusively uplifting for our audience while honoring and celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall. We used powerful and beautifully illustrated images of fists and flowers, along with text phrases like “Est. 1969” and “Rebel Roots Run Deep”, calling back to Stonewall as the reason we can all freely celebrate Pride each year.

PC: Images were taken in front of the LOVE mural by Lisa Marie Thalhammer in Washington, D.C.

Amount Raised

The collection raised: $8,121.77

Funds were donated to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute. A Gift Card Giveaway during the Stonewall Anniversary (June 24 - June 26, 2019).



In honor of Black History Month 2020, gc2b partnered with Black Trans Travel Fund! Together, we created the “Safe Travels” capsule collection, a limited run of apparel and accessories that reflect BTTF’s mission.

Amount Raised

The collection raised: $20,000

100% of the proceeds were donated to BTTF at the end of the campaign.


Multiple Beneficiary Organizations

JULY 2020

At gc2b we have been mourning. At gc2b we have been angry. At gc2b we have been fighting. As a Black/Latinx owned brand with Black leadership, we have BEEN familiar and in constant pain by murders, violence, and police brutality of Black people in the United States. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Sean Reed, Tony McDade, Iyanna Dior, and countless others look like our family. This knowledge, experience, and resiliency is embedded in our company. Not only do we support the protests, calls to justice, and action being taken to dismantle white supremacy, we stand in firm solidarity with ALL Black lives! We will continue to do the work that is necessary for the justice and liberation of ALL Black people.

As an independently-owned small business, an important component of this work is continuing our commitment to uplift and support our community in tangible ways. In 2019, we raised $8,121 for Marsha P. Johnson Institute through the 'Rebel Roots' capsule collection. This past February, we raised $20,000 for Black Trans Travel Fund through the 'Safe Travels' capsule collection. We are proud to relaunch both 'Rebel Roots' & 'Safe Travels' capsule collections as one 'Black Trans Liberation' capsule benefitting 4 organizations, including Marsha P. Johnson Institute, BlackTransTravelFund, No Justice No Pride, and Emergency Release Fund. Your contribution in supporting the missions of these incredible community-oriented organizations is needed now more than ever. View the capsule collection here.

The fight against white supremacy is a marathon, not a sprint. Lock in.


Amount Raised

The collection raised: $61,167.37

Funds were divided and donated to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, BlackTransTravelFund, No Justice No Pride, and Emergency Release Fund.


5 Black LGBTQ+ Artists & BTFA

Developed with the intention of cultivating and uplifting community, our "Beyond The Gallery: Visions of Liberation" capsule collection highlighted the importance of radical artistic expression by elevating the works of 5 Black queer & trans creatives practicing different art mediums.

The artists featured in the collection were:

Ashton Attzs (Illustrator + Painter)

Gwendolyn Parris (Painter + Mixed Media)

Gabriella Ggggrimes (Digital Artist)

Jessica Udeh/Chiamaka Studios (Collage)

MC Carey/Femme Prints (Printmaker)

100% of proceeds from “Beyond the Gallery” were given directly to each artist featured in the capsule. Additionally, gc2b donated $1.50 for each unit of merchandise sold to Black Trans Femmes in the Arts Collective (BTFA)—a community based arts organization dedicated to centering and supporting Black trans femme artists.

Amount Raised

The collection raised: $21,704.81

Funds were given directly to the featured artists for sales of merch of their respective designs.

Additional gc2b donation: $4,812

$1.50 for each unit of merchandise sold was donated to Black Trans Femmes in the Arts Collective (BTFA) on behalf of gc2b.


DC Fridge Collective + Plantita Power

gc2b partnered with the DC Fridge Collective and Plantita Power to create “A Place to Grow” - a capsule collection fueled by one mission: food sovereignty for all!

In addition to raising funds through the capsule collection, gc2b is also built a community garden at our headquarters outside of D.C where we will be growing and harvesting root vegetables, leafy greens, and healing herbs to offer our community year-round! The herbal designs seen in the capsule collection are inspired by herbs grown in our very garden: borage, spilanthes, calendula, and chocolate mint. All four herbs embody healing and restorative properties for the mind, body, and spirit. We're happy to share that both the yield of the produce from our garden and the proceeds from the capsule collection will also help us build, stock, and maintain a DCFC community refrigerator hosted by one of our partner organizations here in the city.

Amount Raised


The collection raised: $19,225


gc2b has also sponsored over 268 LGBTQIA+ organizations, and donated over 46,000+ chest binders to be distributed to people in need through our donations program. We are committed to making our binders as accessible as possible, giving back to the community, and enabling local and global organizations to support the individuals they serve.

Visit our Donation Program page to learn more about the program. To view the full interactive donation partner map, click here.