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Over the past 4 years, gc2b has sponsored 140+ LGBTQIA organizations, and donated over 35,000 chest binders to be distributed to members of our community free of charge. We know first-hand the importance of having a reliable binder, and understand the barriers many people face in getting one. As a small business, we are committed to making our binders as accessible as possible. Through our partnerships with local and global organizations, we provide support to help lower the barriers that prevent folks in need to secure our life affirming products.

In addition to expanding accessibility, we are dedicated to providing friendly and comfortable binding resources and information. All donation binders provided by 2b.care are new or gently used garments. Gently used binders are professionally washed. Each binder is inspected by knowledgeable gc2b team members to ensure quality, honoring the dignity of the individuals who receive them.